The latest CrimeEye® RD-2 solutions are now available through Convergint’s National IPA contractThe National IPA is a leading cooperative purchasing organization established for public agencies across the U.S. with the specific purpose of reducing procurement costs by leveraging group volume.

What can this contract do for you?

Participating in cooperative buying power allows agencies to pay less for products and reduce administrative costs.

Eligible agencies include:

  • State government
  • County government
  • City & local government
  • Primary education systems
  • Higher education systems
  • Nonprofit agencies for public benefit
  • Other public agencies

CrimeEye RD-2

The CrimeEye RD-2 is the latest in Total Recall’s CrimeEye line of digital video solutions. It is a turnkey, self-contained camera unit which incorporates all the components necessary for effective outdoor public safety video surveillance, including the best-in-class HDTV camera, pole mount, emergency battery backup, optional local network video recorder, and WiFi.

CrimeEye RD-2 solutions are available in 10 different configurations to National IPA participants. Each of these rapid deployment units comes equipped with a set of specific technical features which make them suitable for various security applications. Based on the specifics of the target area, existing infrastructure and monitoring preferences, National IPA members can choose from the CrimeEye RD-2 units with standard or improved imaging options, WiFi, and/or fiber video transmission, as well as flexible local storage and VMS options.