Increasing security in K-12 schools, especially those within underserved local communities, is the goal of Convergint’s STEP Up initiative. This year, donations from this program came at the perfect time for the Peter Paul Development Center in Richmond, Virginia. With Convergint’s donation, the development center was able to upgrade their current security and allocate funds to other programs that need it.

These security upgrades will help make the development center more secure and give the center director a live view on the campus through an app on his phone. In addition to the new cameras, colleagues renovated the outside exterior, despite the rain. This project was featured by FOX Richmond in a recent newscast, featured below. 

About STEP Up

Enhancing school security can provide a vital level of protection for students, faculty, and visitors. In that spirit, Convergint created its STEP Up initiative to help strengthen security in our schools. This program was launched during Convergint’s annual Social Responsibility Day. Convergint colleagues went out into their local communities and provided underserved schools with interior and exterior security systems installations, security upgrades, and security assessments.