With a culture of integrity, accountability, and excellence, Convergint is committed to being its customers’ best service provider. In order to achieve this on a state & local level, Convergint’s team of government experts works closely with each Convergint CTC office to ensure state-of-the-art technology solutions and services are offered at competitive pricing levels through contract vehicles.

Convergint spoke with two National Contracts Administrators for more information on how to use contract vehicles to secure competitive pricing on goods and services, saving customers time and money. 

What is a contract vehicle?

Contract vehicles are a streamlined method that the government uses to buy goods and services. For these contracts, the labor and material pricing is pre-negotiated, and the bid process has already been satisfied. 

What contract vehicles does a Convergint customer have access to?

Convergint has state contracts across the U.S. from Washington to New York, and three national contracts including: 

Visit the Contract Vehicles page for more information on all of the contracts Convergint holds. 

What is the benefit of using contract vehicles?

Due to labor and material pricing being pre-negotiated, customers save time and money purchasing through contract vehicles, as there is no proposal team needed. Because of this, customers can get the newest equipment without spending time releasing or evaluating an RFP. 

What goods and services can be purchased through contract vehicles?

There are a number of goods and services available for procurement through Convergint’s contract vehicles, including:

And many more. In addition, Convergint offers time and material service work and customer support programs.

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