Managing growing bandwidth demand while securing facilities and remaining compliant can be quite a challenge. Convergint partners with Genetec to offer a custom data center portfolio that unifies all aspects of security together to give a holistic picture of all data centers. Genetc allows security teams to make better, more informed decisions and help keep data centers connected.

The Genetec Data Center portfolio provides the following:

  • Knowing the location of staff, visitors, and contractors in real time and restricting their access to certain areas.
  • Automating team’s responses to organizational processes and compliance rules.
  • Tracking moving targets on geographic maps, both inside and outside of data centers, so the team can respond confidently.

Growth in data drives demand in data centers and mergers & acquisitions

With an increase in user-generated content, streaming services, and online purchasing, the amount of data that is produced is massive. As organizations continue to collect data, their storage needs grow with them, driving the demand in data centers. Further, this growth makes it significantly difficult and expensive to run and manage their own servers resulting in consolidation.

The exponential growth in data means that data centers need an open security system that grows with them and allows them to efficiently manage large amounts of data and visitors. These companies will seek solutions that centralize their operations.

Genetec’s multi-tenant architecture facilitates security team’s ability to make decisions and offers more automation that helps curve costs. Genetec and Convergint enable deployment to a single platform that incorporates multiple security systems, which reduces overall cost of ownership. Security Center seamlessly connects with up to 10 Active Directory servers. It can also group entities, into separate security and organizational sets and can specify which users and user groups can view a specific group using partitions.

Compliance becoming a means of customer retention

Regulatory bodies are pressuring many industries due to environmental and data privacy concerns. Data Centers need to be compliant in order to attract more business. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in severe penalties and downtime costs ($62,500).

In order to avoid the costs associated with non-compliance, data centers need to ensure that compliance and regulatory security is in place to ensure uptime and favorable rulings.

Genetec guides security operators through security incidents as well as operational tasks. Genetec and Convergint help to ensure that teams are operating within the regulatory bounds set by regulators by creating SOP’s designed with compliance in mind.

Cyberattacks emerging due to new technology

Cyberthreats are increasing as the world becomes more digital. Data centers, with more stringent cybersecurity policies than customers can provide in-house, are the safest solution to these cyberthreats and are highly trusted by their customers. A cyberattack at a data center can be catastrophic.

New technology makes data centers more vulnerable to cyber-physical security attacks and the effects can be harmful. Data centers need to ensure that both physical and virtual assets are secured, so they need a strong cyber-physical security plan.

Through third-party evaluations, Convergint partners with Genetec to ensure the highest standards in cybersecurity. For instance, Security Center supports TLS 1.2 encryption. Furthermore, Genetec offers security scores on their webpage. This meets the highest security and privacy standards.

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Convergint, partnered with Genetec, has the expertise needed to deploy a comprehensive, unified physical security system to keep financial institutions safe, secure, and operating smoothly. Contact Convergint’s team of security experts to learn more.