In a world dominated by phishing attacks, even standard solutions like passwords have lost their effectiveness. Groups that should work together instead rely on siloed security solutions that don’t communicate. The COVID-19 pandemic has complicated everything from shared touchpads to facial recognition of employees in masks, and accelerated the need for security solutions that alleviate both security and health safety concerns. With the goal of reducing risk and improving safety and security, Convergint partners with Sentry Enterprises to offer converged biometric identification solutions for physical and logical access with SentryCard. 

SentryCard was designed from the ground up with usability and functionality in mind to solve these problems, and more. It gives both remote and onsite employees identification confidence with biometric authentication that provides proof-positive identification for each login, and bridges the divide between groups like HR, operations, and Security to provide a holistic and converged biometric security solution that brings immediate organizational ROI. However, there are risks and privacy concerns associated with the use of biometric authentication. Together, Convergint works with Sentry Enterprises to ensure safety and privacy along with the benefits and ROI from the use of converged biometric access solutions. 

Problem: Biometric Data Risks

The protection of biometric data is of paramount importance. Any breach exposing this ultrasensitive personal data poses significant risks and liabilities to the organization as well as to the affected person. In order to keep organizations accountable, several U.S. States have passed legislation regarding the collection, storage and use of biometric data. Internationally, the E.U.’s General Data Protection Rights (GDPR) legislation, along with the rules in the UK and India provide a strong stance on biometric data protection and the associated liabilities.

Solution: SentryCard

SentryCard eliminates most of the major risks associated with using biometric authentication by removing all human access to biometric data. The SentryCard solution is:

  • Decentralized: Biometric data is enrolled, stored, and matched solely within the SentryCard platform, never touching an external database or server. 

  • Unique: Each SentryCard generates its own unique, inaccessible encryption key used to protect the biometric data stored within the card.

  • Non-transferable: The SentryCard is a single-use solution. Once a person’s biometrics are enrolled, only that person can use the credential. 

  • Controlled: Once issued, the holder maintains control of their biometric data stored securely within the credential.

  • Irretrievable: Enrollment of the holder’s biometrics are one-way and irreversible once set. The credential’s only output is an affirmative or negative authentication. 

ROI: Positive Business Outcomes for your Organization

SentryCard users see an immediate ROI while increasing security, mitigating risk, and reducing complexity. Some examples of business outcomes from integrating the SentryCard solutions are:

Contact an expert today to learn how Convergint can help integrate the SentryCard solution within your existing infrastructure to provide a secure and touchless solutions while addressing today’s hygiene and privacy concerns. 

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About Sentry Enterprises

Founded in 2013, Sentry Enterprises is a Chicago-based company with expertise in creating ultra-thin microelectronic security devices. The company offers a proprietary, patented, platform focused on providing proof-positive identification whether accessing a building or computing network. Sentry Enterprises’s solutions solve numerous risks facing today’s enterprises, from biometric authentication for access to privacy, contact tracing and hygiene issues.