“We deliver results, period.” A belief that not only drives Convergint but Electrical Installer Felipe Alvarado. “When I deliver results, I become Convergint and own my position on the team. It is such a powerful belief for me, and I use that phrase all the time,” says Alvarado. 

“Felipe is one of those ‘go-to’ team members that bring a strength of character and work ethic that are the solid foundations our teams are built on. All that, and he manages to leave customers behind that are truly wowed by his efforts,” said Texas Installation Manager Jason Seymour. 

The recipient of five Convergint Taking Care of Business Awards and an experienced installer with multiple certifications, Felipe’s dedication and attitude have not gone unnoticed on job sites. Bethany Stoffel, a senior admissions specialist from Texas State University, said, “I wanted to compliment your team that put our new fire alarm system in at Texas State University Undergraduate Admissions Office. I really want to compliment Felipe. I am happy that we had such a professional working on our system for our safety. I just wanted you to know what a great worker you have working for you. It was a pleasure to see him every day.”

Although he is an exceptional Electrical Installer, Alvarado credits his team for his continued success. “I am no one without my team. The rewards mean nothing without my team. Patrick, Israel, and Dan Feldman are a big help for me, without them, I can do the job, but it is always better with them. James helped me build my team, and together we deliver results,” said Alvarado.

In his free time, Felipe loves to spend time with his wife and family and work on making music and editing videos for his YouTube channel. 



“Felipe is very patient, polite, and cordial with us. He is very friendly, always works with a smile, and is very pleasant to everyone.”


“Felipe has proven to be a tremendous resource for our team. He owns his position on the team by continually driving projects to completion with dedication, hustle, and focus.”

Quality of Work

“While highly focused on project delivery, Felipe radiates charm, is affable, and always a pleasure to work with. We’ve logged many early morning starts, long days, and late evening hours together, and he always manages to stay positive and engaged to deliver results. ”

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