“We expect to be our customer’s best service provider.” This is a founding Value & Belief at Convergint Technologies, and a driving force behind company culture. This may be Service Supervisor Kurt Vassell’s favorite, but he has shown that he exemplifies all 10 Values & Beliefs to customers and colleagues.

“In the world today, where there are multiple distractions and administrative needs taking us away from servicing the customer, Kurt always places their needs first, and gives them the attention, time, and focus they deserve,” said Florida Service Manager Keith Johnson.

Maria Rodriguez, Convergint Service Coordinator, is one of many that feel fortunate to have Kurt on their team. “Kurt Vassell is the core of the service team for Florida. He is always there to lend support and guidance at any time. He maintains a positive attitude even in the most difficult scenarios. I don’t know how he does it,” Rodriguez said. 

Although he is an exceptional Service Supervisor, Vassell credits his team for his continued success. “We have a team here that takes all of our work personally, and we strive to succeed no matter the circumstance. I love the team that I work with in Florida, and I try my best to do my part in getting the job done,” said Vassell. 

In his free time, Kurt likes to work on old Volkswagen cars and enjoys watching the New York Knicks and Miami Dolphins.



“Kurt comes into work daily with a spirit to serve, strives to be the best to our customers, and always displays a sense of urgency with our customer’s needs.”


“When you think about customer service, you think of  Kurt and his passion and commitment to ensure customer needs are addressed timely and with constant communication along the way.”

Quality of Work

“Kurt is also not only an exceptional leader, but he is also a highly skilled technician who is willing to wear multiple hats.”

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