“We promote fun & laughter on a daily basis.” This is one of Convergint’s ten Values & Beliefs, and a favorite of Convergint Service Specialist Matt Crick. “If you’re not having fun, what’s the point of doing anything? You do what you like, and you don’t really work,” said Crick.

Another favorite Value & Belief of Crick’s is “I have integrity.” He takes pride in his work and enjoys doing things right. “Fifteen years down the road when someone uninstalls the solution, I want them to see that we did the job correctly the first time,” said Crick.

Crick’s colleagues agree. “Matt has the drive and skill to be our customers’ best service provider, and truly is a top technician in every measure,” said Steve Clinard, Convergint Project Manager. “That is equaled by his jovial approach to his daily activities. When Matt is present, our team can always be guaranteed moments of laughter.”

Located in Nashville, Crick started at Convergint in January of 2015. Prior to Convergint, he worked at Vanderbilt University for about 15 years as their senior fire and life safety specialist, maintaining and fixing fire alarm systems. Coincidentally, Crick has now come back to work at Vanderbilt as a Convergint colleague. Recently, he was involved in a project installing mass notification at the university. Although there were sleepless nights and challenges, Crick said he finds experiences like this rewarding. 

Matt’s attitude, integrity, and dedication have not gone unnoticed by the Vanderbilt team, for whom he recently helped to install a public notification system. “Matt has been tremendous vendor asset to the Vanderbilt University Public Safety Team,” said Johnny Vanderpool, Vanderbilt University Director of Public Safety.

In his free time, he enjoys being with family, doing vehicle restorations, and building motorcycles.



“Matt delivers results and has the trust of our customers. His time is extremely valuable, as he is often requested for specific customer needs.”


“Matt is above reproach. His exemplary record of customer service and doing the right thing when no one is looking is the gold standard. Matt delivers results and has the trust of our customers.”

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“Matt’s experience and technical knowledge was instrumental on a recent project to update our outdoor warning notification system.”

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