ICD Security, a Convergint Technologies Company, in Asia Pacific (APAC) is instrumental in optimizing employee shuttle bus systems. Companies in the APAC region commonly provide transportation for staff to commute to and from work every day. 

Mission: Optimize Shuttle Bus Systems through Organization and Operation 

For companies with a large number of employees at a campus or factory sites, it can be difficult to optimize shuttle bus routes to bring employees to and from work. ICD’s solution makes it easier to increase productivity and efficiency on shuttle buses.

Solution: Install a Shuttle Bus Card and GPS 

ICD can help customers by installing a card reader for employee badges and a GPS tracking device on their shuttle buses. These devices offer the advantage of real-time data that can be sent to the client’s central server.

The data that is reported can be formatted either by routes or time frames to better help servers analyze it. In addition to real-time location, the system can record employees that swipe on and off the buses, the total number of passengers, and individual employee information.

Shuttle Bus

Result:  Operations Improved

The data that is received provides detailed statistics, information regarding employee use, and the shuttle bus routes. This information can help clients make more informed decisions knowing how their bus systems truly operate. They can then optimize how their busses function (including bus routes, bus frequency, and resource allocation) to optimize this service for their employees

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