Convergint colleagues in Canada supported over 12 local charities on Social Responsibility Day on Friday, June 10th. Convergint was founded on a set of core Values & Beliefs, which established Convergint’s commitment to our customers, our colleagues and their families, and our communities. In support of our Values & Beliefs, Convergint colleagues go into their communities and contribute to those in need. 

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Convergint day in Edmonton

For the fifth year, Edmonton colleagues spent the day working for Catholic Social Services, undertaking numerous projects at Safe House.


Convergint Day in Lethbridge

Colleagues from Lethbridge spent the day at the Food Bank to offer their time, talent, and financial support to this local organization.


Convergint day in Llloydminster

Lloydminster colleagues spent Social Responsibility Day once again volunteering at the Lloydminster Interval Home, which provides services to thousands of women and children in crisis.


Convergint day Ottawa group gathering photo

This year Ottawa colleagues split into groups to volunteer at two organizations, including the Ottawa Mission and the local food bank.


Convergint day Regina male colleagues holding hands during group photo

Regina colleagues joined the Saskatchewan chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society to help prepare for their annual Relay for Life event.


Convergint day Toronto

The Toronto colleagues volunteered at Portland Place, a charity that provides support for men, women, and families who face a range of ongoing challenges.


Convergint day Vancouver

Vancouver colleagues spent the day at the Ishtar Transition Housing Society, a transition house that is a safe residence for women and their children to seek shelter when fleeing abuse.


Convergint day in Windsor

Windsor colleagues spent their first-ever Social Responsibility Day supporting Hiatus House, a not-for-profit shelter for women and their families who are escaping abusive relationships.


Convergint day in Calgary

Calgary colleagues supported two separate charities, including Hull Services for the 12th year in a row, as well as the Boys and Girls Club of Calgary.

Fort McMurray

Airport in Fort McMurray

Due to the wildfires, Fort McMurray colleagues had a circumstantially different Social Responsibility Day this year, instead assisting their communities during the emergency evacuations by loading planes.

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