Every manufacturing facility, petrochemical site, utility, or other industrial location has set outer perimeters that are vital to secure. Within the primary perimeter exist sub-perimeters that also need general security, as well as personnel and processes.

It may seem daunting and costly to secure all three sectors of this critical infrastructure. However, Axis Communications and Convergint collaborate to bring IP-based technology to businesses of all sizes. 

Keeping The Criminals Out 

Businesses, campuses, and other high-risk facilities are targets for a variety of criminal activities, such as criminal mischief, theft, assault, and much more. Advanced IP technology works with fence and ground sensors, cameras with radar, and other existing technology to detect objects and people that shouldn’t be on the property or near it. 

The addition of intelligent analytics can provide many benefits, such as:

  • Provide critical data for the integration

  • Lower costs by reducing responses to false security alarms 

  • Verify whether threats are legitimate and assess their nature 

Thermal cameras add an extra layer of security to existing systems. They’re excellent additions to any dark or low-light building, such as a substation.  A camera system with thermal imaging can detect an intruder’s heat signature, whether they’re in the shadows, or attempting to camouflage themselves. Network audio systems integrate with IP solutions, so monitoring agents can warn trespassers off the property.


Protecting Employees

Advanced IP works amazingly well for perimeter security. The industry has also found the technology can be utilized to mitigate other high priority threats and security concerns, such as protecting people on the property. Critical infrastructures contain many dangers such as combustible chemicals, hazardous waste, high-voltage wires, and more. Safety is a significant concern with possible threats everywhere.

Surveillance cameras play a vital role in mitigating various risks. Thermal cameras act as an early warning system for materials that self-ignite. These cameras can also ensure the building is completely evacuated by picking up the heat signature of anyone left inside. If there is some type of chemical spill or harmful emissions, thermal cameras can detect safe exit routes that avoid the spill and vented discharge.

Intelligent video analytics and access control can protect the safety and health of employees, customers, and the environment around facilities. These systems can help administrators and management:

  • Confirm evacuations and support and track rescue teams

  • Visually evaluate possible risks and ensure adherence to policy in real-time

  • Control who accesses restricted areas 


Manage Building Systems and Reduce Downtime 

One challenge for businesses and organizations is managing facility processes around the clock to prevent shutdowns and expensive repairs. Security cameras are excellent sentries and can monitor processes well. Pan-tilt-zoom cameras shift easily from monitoring a sub-perimeter fence to zooming in close to inspect a dial on a crucial piece of equipment.

Versatile security cameras with onboard intelligence can be utilized to monitor flare stacks at refineries and measure tank levels. They can also help operators prevent large-scale electrical outages by foreseeing switch gear and transformer failures at power stations.

A thermal camera with isothermal analytics and advanced thermal imaging can reveal minor temperature variances that could suggest a leaky pipe, blocked valve, or overheating ball bearings. The integrations of network surveillance with SCADA allows critical infrastructures to assess reported failures visually, inspect processes, and make sure they are running properly. They can also help monitor and define trends and assist in predictive maintenance, as well as help with maintenance remotely through integration with audio systems on the network.

Advanced IP-based technology essentially offers three systems in one by keeping employees safe, managing processes, and providing general security. IP technology also allows multiple departments to share security costs. Axis Communications and Convergint can customize a system that meets the needs of specific businesses and industries, while reducing costs by integrating this technology with existing security systems. 

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