CrimeEye® Rapid Deployment 360° Interactive View

CrimeEye RD-2 is a turnkey, self-contained camera unit which incorporates all the components necessary for effective public safety video monitoring, including the best-in-class HDTV camera, pole mount, emergency battery backup, optional local network video recorder, and WiFi.

An all-inclusive design allows deploying CrimeEye RD-2 independently from city infrastructure. With the RD-2 and a power source, you may stream video from anywhere anytime.

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Operation Mode

CrimeEye RD-2 was designed to be up and running quickly. It requires virtually no tools to install. Once a mount is secured on a pole, the unit nests on the mount and is hooked up to a power line. When connected to power, the RD-2 will instantly stream high-quality detailed video to a control center, laptop or smartphone. With such portability and its robust design, CrimeEye RD-2 can be deployed for temporary and permanent application. It can also be moved between locations as often as needed.

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Transport Mode

CrimeEye RD-2’s enclosure transforms in seconds from ‘Operation Mode’ to ‘Transport Mode’ by moving the protective cover from the top to the bottom of the unit. Thanks to this feature,  CrimeEye RD-2 may stand and travel in the upright position with the camera underneath completely protected from damage. The handle on top allows for easy carrying and deploying. The protective cover itself is securely fastened to the base of the unit with a safety cable. This ensures that the cover stays with the unit at all times and is not accidentally dropped or forgotten during an installation or removal.

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