As companies around the world begin to reopen, the old way of doing business is coming to an end. COVID-19 has forever changed business operations, making new security tools necessary to navigate this different environment.

Mitigating the risk of COVID-19 is the top concern for many. Luckily, there is a solution on how to move forward and still keep people safe. Convergint and Gallagher have partnered to provide an efficient solution; the Proximity and Contract Tracing Report.

What is the Proximity and Contact Tracing Report?

The proximity and contact tracing report is a utility that businesses can use with their access control systems. It helps identify users who have recently shared an area with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or other infectious viruses. If a business discovers that someone tested positive for the virus, this report helps identify other people who have recently been around that individual.

This solution helps businesses proactively identify and notify people and reduce the risk of others contracting the illness. It can also help identify others who did not encounter that person, thus eliminating other exposure concerns.

This feature connects to Gallagher’s Command Centre using the connection parameters of the Gallagher REST API. While it’s not a licensed feature, it does use the REST API licenses of RESTEvents and RESTCardholder.

There is a user interface that lets you enter certain parameters, such as:

  • Origin cardholder 

  • Maximum in-zone time

  • Dates of potential exposure 

  • Personal data fields

  • Surface risk time

  • Contact generation

Information the Contact Tracing Software Feature Uses and Provides

The Proximity and Contact Tracing Report provides invaluable information on more than just the people who shared zones with someone infected. It helps system operators understand how extensive the exposure is by providing these details:

  • The infected cardholder 

  • The zone where contact was made

  • The contact level from person-to-person

  • The time frame others were exposed to the original cardholder

The report also records other information on cardholders such as the times they arrived and departed their Command Centre division, and the doors they accessed. The system provides this information based on cardholder access events stored within the Command Centre database. Using system information on when people entered and left an access zone ensures that their locations are recorded and updated.

The business’ software must be up to date to use this feature. To learn more about report configuration, speak to your security integrator.

Additionally, companies can minimize contact and significantly reduce the spread of infectious diseases by switching to mobile credentials. Using mobile credentials makes it easy to manage access control systems remotely and simplifies the process of assigning and revoking access to business properties.

The contact tracing report uses advanced technology to provide a solution that reduces the spread of infectious diseases and keeps guests and employees safe. Navigating a post-pandemic world doesn’t have to be difficult, and companies can still do business as they establish the new normal. Smart security systems can help establish protocols so businesses are more prepared for similar events in the future.

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