Technology Innovation Series

Digital transformation initiatives are driving businesses across industries and bringing new value to operational strategies. Enterprise and government organizations are using an array of technologies, applications, and solutions to enhance operational processes, ensure employee security, facilitate productivity, and differentiate customer experiences.

Digital transformation is a market imperative spanning many aspects of business. But what new and emerging technologies are powering the adoption of these transformative initiatives?

In the below video recording, Michele Pelino, Principal Analyst at Forrester, explores how 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), automation, edge computing, AI/ML analytics, digital twins, computer vision solutions, and other emerging technologies are driving momentum for digital transformation. Forrester survey results and research insights highlight current use cases and emerging opportunities for business stakeholders and city leaders to address their digital transformation priorities spanning manufacturing, smart office, smart city, and other vertical markets.

Watch the video below to learn more about these emerging technologies and their applications.

How Emerging Technologies and Computer Vision Power Digital Transformation

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Originally Recorded Live at InSight Innovation Summit

Convergint Technologies’ InSight Innovation Summit was a digital transformation tradeshow event held May 18-20, 2021. Throughout the 3-day event, Convergint hosted Strategy Sessions, partner-sponsored Innovation Demos, and Executive Keynotes all discussing the latest game-changing technology and transformative solutions. 


Michele is a member of Forrester’s infrastructure and operations research team. Her expertise focuses on internet of things (IoT) platforms, services, applications, and vendors, as well as 5G networks, edge computing solutions, automation technologies, and location-based services to extend IoT deployment among enterprises in many vertical markets. Michele’s IoT research spans IoT software platforms; IoT services, devices, and technologies; IoT applications in smart buildings, smart cities, sustainability, environmental monitoring, supply chain, and fleet management; IoT solutions in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics; and IoT use cases to enable IT, operations, employee experience, and customer support. Her research also focuses on 5G networks, edge computing, automation, and enterprise mobility initiatives that extend IoT solution deployment.

Michele delivers strategic guidance to Forrester’s enterprise and vendor clients by identifying IoT platforms, services, applications, and solutions and determining the impact of IoT solutions on infrastructure, operations, employee experience, and customer support. Michele also guides clients by providing insight into IoT solutions to enable smart buildings, smart cities, sustainability, and industry IoT use cases in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, telecommunications, and industrial environments. She also focuses on strategic issues facing enterprise stakeholders and the telecom industry, gauging the effect of new competitors, new business models, and new technologies, including IoT solutions, 5G networks, edge strategies, and location services.

Michele Pelino

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Eric Yunag Head Shot Image

Eric Yunag

VP of Technology and Innovation, Convergint Technologies

Eric Yunag has over 20 years of diverse business experience in the security integration industry. Eric joined Convergint through the acquisition of his company in 2016 and has held a variety of leadership roles since that time. In his present role as VP of Technology and Innovation, he is responsible for assessing the impact of technology trends and developing strategies for business models, technology partnerships, and solution offerings. During the span of his career, Eric has held leadership positions in operations, business development, and technology.