As organizations adapt to the post-COVID 19 world, they must ensure that employees, visitors, and citizens remain safe. Convergint and its technology partner Milestone can provide a solution that promotes public health by supporting the four-stage process of social distancing. The solution can be adjusted to address different social distancing needs in multiple locations. It can also be adjusted as regulatory and other requirements change.

The Four-Stage Process of Social Distancing

The Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS) integrates with video analytics such as BriefCam to support the four-stage process of identifying and enforcing social distancing.

1. Situational Awareness

The first step is to understand the current situation. 

  • XProtectVMS integrated with BriefCam can identify high-occupancy areas via heatmaps or occupancy data. High-occupancy areas may be specific locations within campuses or parks, or locations within a city for smart city

  • Once these high-occupancy areas are identified, the organization can target the areas of concern, count the number of people in them, and measure distances between people.

  • Alerts can be generated as needed. For example, if a single person is assumed to require an area of 10 square meters for social distancing, the software’s people counter can trigger an alert if more than 10 people are in a 100 square meter area.

2. Confirm

If possible, all software results should be confirmed manually before action is taken. For example, a parent and a small child may be less than 2 meters from each other, but since the two are (presumably) members of the same family, no action is needed.

3. Respond and Address

Once a potential social distancing violation has been confirmed, the software uses customizable rules-based decision making to activate one or more actions.

  • Security personnel could be dispatched to the location.

  • An audio public address system could broadcast to the location to warn or direct people. 

  • Visual displays with appropriate messaging could be activated at the location.

  • In large outdoor public areas, other solutions such as drones could be dispatched to the location if relevant.

4. Control

Finally, XProtect and BriefCam provide real-time information to allow organizations to monitor the status of the areas, view statistics, and run reports.

Promoting Good Health Practices

The situational awareness, confirmation, and alert capabilities of XProtect integrations allow shops, offices, parks, schools, and smart cities to reopen safely. This assurance provides economic benefits without sacrificing the health of employees, visitors, or citizens. Together with Milestone, Convergint can advise you on the proper steps to take to implement these helpful solutions to promote social distancing. 

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