To keep airport employees and passengers safe, airports must comply with strict regulations regarding the credentialing of staff through complex and time-consuming badging processes. This application process can be inefficient, paper-driven, prone to error, and overly complex, so it is beneficial to automate and simplify it. Industry experts from Convergint and Genetec took a closer look at how to ensure the safety and security of the airport’s staff, passengers, and facilities, while improving operational efficiencies and compliance.

The live panel featured discussion topics including:

  • The importance of a simple turnkey solution to help airports automate employee background checks, all within a single unified platform

  • How unifying the badging office with an access control system can simplify overall operations and maintain compliance

  • The benefits of Genetec’s Security Center Airport Badging Solution

In the recorded webinar below, learn from top security and technology experts as they discuss how streamlining the airport badging process allows organizations to operate more efficiently, using sophisticated software and a truly unified platform that provides complete means of managing badging lifecycles from start to finish on a single pane of glass.

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