According to the Alzheimer’s Association, six in 10 people with dementia have a tendency to wander. So it’s not a matter of if residents will wander, but when. Luckily, there are ways to help prevent patient wandering. Convergint Technologies can implement a wander management solution.

Convergint Account Executive Hannah DeVries works with a large, nationwide senior living organization and is experienced in helping administrators determine the best wander management solution for their specific community.

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“Not only is wandering a liability for the facility, it’s also extremely dangerous for the resident. Our number one concern is resident safety. With an updated system – such as Stanley Roam Alert, for example – staff can be assured that residents are safe.”

– Hannah Devries, Convergint Account Executive

According to DeVries, each resident wears a discreet and very small transmitter on either their wrists or ankles. These are durable and cannot be cut. Exit doors in the facility are equipped with controllers. When a resident approaches an exit, the door controller automatically detects if the resident is clear to exit the door.

If not, wander management provides several options to alert or prevent the resident from leaving. For instance, an alarm will sound or the doors will lock automatically. If the resident walks near a door, the door will lock down. If that resident stays at the door, a loitering alert will sound to notify staff that someone is by the door and staying there. And if the resident does not leave the door, an annunciation system at the nurse’s station will go into a full-blown alert.

Wander Management  Overview

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