Advanced Solutions

Tailored solutions for enhanced security & seamless operations

Convergint goes beyond providing traditional solutions to meet immediate customer requirements to fully understanding customers’ wider business challenges and needs. A team of dedicated experts  provide consulting and research, evaluate, and develop specialised solutions, known as Advanced Solutions, to solve customers’ unique security and business challenges.

These Advanced Solutions are tailored to address specific needs while offering enhanced value to customers. Leveraging data, advanced analytics, seamless system integration, and cutting-edge technology, Convergint’s solutions are engineered to optimise operational efficiency and deliver maximum return on investment to customers.

Featured advanced solutions

Data Bridge Solution

Data bridge solution

Integrate multiple access control systems for seamless two-way data exchange, ensuring compatibility, security, and optimised operations.

Time & Attendance Solution

Time & attendance solution

Generate automated data and customised reports for better workforce management at complex sites.

Visitor Management System

Visitor management system

Automate and streamline visitor registration, sign-in, tracking, and reporting with an efficient, secure visitor management solution.

Access Control Unified Management Programs

Access control unified management programs

Adopt one unified, efficient platform to centrally manage multiple access control systems.

Key and Asset Management Solution

Key and asset management solution

Transform key and asset management with an intelligent, secure solution with integrated features and real-time tracking.