Values and Beliefs at Convergint

I am Convergint, I own my position on the team

Our Values and Beliefs

Convergint was built on a solid foundation of Values and Beliefs. Before we were legally formed, before we received one order, before we hired one colleague, leadership began writing down the principles that would eventually become our Values and Beliefs. We built our company from scratch and had the benefit of establishing a unique and empowered culture from the onset. Our 10 Values and Beliefs drive our positive culture and are what truly makes us different.

We encourage our colleagues to live these on a daily basis, whether at home, work, or in their communities; and we regularly share our Values & Beliefs with our clients and business partners.

Our Values and Beliefs were designed to be simple, yet powerful. We made a commitment from day one that we would make decisions consistent with our Values and Beliefs and that they would never be changed. We ask that all Convergint colleagues hold leadership accountable for managing the company consistent with our Values and Beliefs. None are more important than the other, but We Expect To Be Our Customers’ Best Service Provider is the cornerstone that sets the expectation of our colleagues from the day they join our company.