Convergint is a service-based systems integrator that understands the challenges faced by healthcare organizations looking to maintain a safe and secure environment. Our team of certified professionals provides dedicated security solutions to help efficiently manage increasing incidents of healthcare workplace violence, while ensuring the safety and well-being of medical personnel.

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Healthcare Security Solutions 

Asset Location and PAR Level Management

Significantly reduce time spent searching for equipment. Efficiently manage assets by location using actual real-time usage data to set availability and replenishment levels.

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Environmental & Temperature Monitoring

An automated system that uses state of the art digital sensors that incorporate Guaranteed Data Delivery (GDD). Can monitor temp data real-time during Enterprise transport.

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Patient Security
(Infant, Pediatric, & Adult)

Combine patient location with perimeter security, (door, elevator locking) to ensure patient safety and clinical confidence.

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 Staff Safety & Duress

Alert others with a simple button press the moment a situation spirals out of control. Use room level location certainty to locate the specific employee under duress.

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Hand Hygiene Compliance

Prevent the spread of infection, increase patient safety, and improve hand hygiene compliance. Meet the increasing Joint Commission requirements for real quantitative compliance.

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Medical Carts

Medical and supply carts are specifically designed to improve workflow efficiency and elevate patient care by keeping clinician equipment and supplies organized, no matter the application.

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Nurse Call Cancel and Rounding

Automatically document response times and time spent by clinicians in a room with the patient. Interfaces to nurse call systems such as Rauland, Hill Rom.

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Patient Clinic-OR-ED Workflow

Use location data to advance workflow processes, patient flows and reduce response times. Enhance staff communication and patient visibility in an environment where time matters.

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Real-Time Locating System (RTLS)

Use the CenTrak open architecture RTLS platform to provide a location data interface to enterprise-wide software applications from virtually any vendor. “Stack” applications (use cases) on one robust platform.

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Patient Care Furniture
for the OB

Patient care furniture that meets workflow, infection control, technology, and design requirements. Speak with an experienced person who can help you customize the furniture for your unique needs.

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Computer Mounting /Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Carts

Quality powered and non-powered carts and wall arms that meet the needs of a 24/7/365 hospital environment. Speak with a knowledgeable individual who can help you design the optimum solution.

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