Fire & Life Safety

Convergint specializes in providing customers with leading fire alarm & life safety technologies, application expertise, and services. By assembling a project team with vast industry experience and technical competence, Convergint works with their clients to deliver compliant, non-proprietary solutions which avoid sole-source dependency and assure long-term cost competitiveness. From system retrofit to new construction to turnkey system installation, Convergint provides the very best value for your project regardless of size and complexity. Convergint’s customer support programs ensure the performance and integrity of your system is maintained without compromise to occupant safety, business mission, and AHJ compliance.

Our Services

Convergint is a global organization that designs, installs, and services integrated building systems. Delivering value through unparalleled customer service and consistent operational excellence is paramount at Convergint. Convergint, the largest independent integrator in the world, was founded on a set of core Values & Beliefs that have fostered a culture dedicated to service in every way – to customers, colleagues, and local communities. Daily commitment to these values is one key reason why customers choose to do business with Convergint.

Offering a wide array of services…

  • Design Assist/Design Build

  • Site Survey & Evaluations
  • System Design & AutoCAD
  • Turnkey Installation
  • Technical Service, Maintenance, & Support
  • Extended Warranties
  • Stocked Inventory & Replacement Parts
  • Software & Support Agreements

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Intelligent Fire &
Smoke Detection

Serves single building retail to multi-tenant high-rise to multi-building campuses with some of the most demanding occupancies.

Air Sampling

Provide the earliest possible warning of an imminent fire event with aspirating detection and programmable sensitivity.


Detect with technologies such as beam, flame, linear heat, video smoke, or leak detection are engineered for the location of a hazard.


Protect critical environments and high-value assets to safeguard business continuity by utilizing special hazard fire suppression systems. 


Utilize protective covers, specialty enclosures, multi-voltage control relays, trouble bell stations or Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) and AC Power Supplies.


Require a flexible approach to color, ambient operating environment, mounting requirements, and mass notification.


Respond quickly with annunciators as an emergency responder’s first point of system interface in a fire event. These are available in a variety of graphic and directory styles.


Protect lives and property with monitoring partners’ UL Listed services with extensively trained personnel and the most advanced technologies available.

One & Two-Way
Emergency Voice Communication

Promptly notify with UL Listed digital voice emergency communication and notification.

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Comprehensive Fire Alarm & Life Safety Services

System Testing & Inspection

  • Meets NFPA72, FM, ULC S536, The Joint Commission and AHJ requirements
UL Listed Monitoring

  • Provides 24/7 facility alarm protection
Preventative Maintenance

  • Decrease false alarms and business interruption
Wet Pipe Sprinkler Test & Certification

  • Complies with NFPA25 and NFPA72 requirements
Battery Load Testing

  • Meets NFPA72 and ULC S536 requirements adn maintains reliability of secondary power sources
Pre-Action Sprinkler System Test & Inspection

  • Includes pre-action, dry and deluge systems; complies with NFPA and NFPA72 requirements
Web Based Reporting

  • iCare real time service management
  • Online access to inspection reports
Fire Pump Test & Certification

  • Complies with NFPA20, NFPA25 and AHJ requirements
Aspirating Early Warning Smoke Detection Test & Inspection

  • Complies with NFPA72, ULC S536 and manufacturer requirements
Backflow Preventer Test & Recertification

  • Provides recertification of fire and domestic backflow preventers
Smoke Sensor Sensitivity Testing

  • Reduces false alarms and maintains compliance
Suppression System Test & Inspection

  • Complies with NFPA25, NFPA72, AHJ and ULC S536
Smoke Control & Damper Testing

  • Provides verification and performance testing in accordance with NFPA92A
Kitchen Hood System Test & Inspection

  • Provides compliance with NFPA17A and/or NFPA96
Emergency Service & Repair Labor

  • Prevents Budget overruns from unexpected labor costs
Emergency Lighting System Test & Inspection

  • Complies with OSHA and NFPA101 requirements
Replacement Parts

  • Protects budget from unexpected material costs
Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Maintenance

  • Provides compliance with NFPA10 requirements

Services listed may not be available in all markets.


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