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October 2016

Convergint Cover Story in Security Sales & Integration

October 4, 2016|

Security Sales & Integration recently featured Convergint Technologies in their September cover story. Convergint’s Values and Beliefs are the foundation upon which the company was built and have remain unchanged since its formation in 2001. Read more about how they drive Convergint’s growth even today in the feature story….


Convergint Technologies Closes Its Seventh Acquisition of 2016

October 4, 2016|

Convergint Technologies, a worldwide leader in service-based systems integration, today announced the acquisition of Go Security Solutions. Founded in 2009, Go Security Solutions is a full-service systems integrator specializing in electronic access control, video surveillance, alarm systems, and mechanical security solutions.   (more…)

August 2016

Convergint Named Finalist for Outstanding Security Awards

August 2, 2016|

Convergint Technologies was recently named as a finalist for the Outstanding Security Awards (OSPAs) in the category of “Best Security Integrator/Solution Provider.” The OSPAs recognize outstanding performance by security integrators.


July 2016

Convergint Named #2 In SDM’s Top Systems Integrators Report

July 8, 2016|

Convergint Technologies has been named #2 in SDM Magazines’  Top Systems Integrators 2015 Report. (more…)

Convergint Technologies Expands Canadian Presence by Acquiring TACanada

July 5, 2016|

Convergint Technologies, a worldwide leader in service-based systems integration, today announced the acquisition of TACanada. TACanada makes intelligent buildings a reality through the use of open systems that integrate seamlessly, including electrical, mechanical, lighting, security, card access, and camera systems. (more…)

Social Responsibility Day 2016

July 1, 2016|

On Friday, June 10, Convergint colleagues spent the day volunteering in their local communities for Convergint’s annual Social Responsibility Day. (more…)

June 2016

Convergint Technologies Closes Fifth Acquisition in Five Months

June 1, 2016|

Convergint Technologies, a worldwide leader in service-based systems integration, today announced the acquisition of Corporate Security Services, located in Edison, New Jersey. This marks the fifth acquisition that Convergint has completed in as many months.


May 2016

Convergint Technologies Named To Fastest Growing Integration Firms List

May 24, 2016|

Convergint Technologies has been named to SD&I Magazine’s Fast50 list as one of the 50 fastest growing systems integration firms for 2016, with a ranking of number one in revenue dollars.


Convergint Technologies Boosts Citywide Integration Capabilities Through The Acquisition Of Total Recall

May 3, 2016|

Convergint Technologies, a worldwide leader in service-based systems integration, today announced the acquisition of Total Recall. Total Recall is a video-centric security technology provider specializing in surveillance solutions, including command and control centers, wireless connectivity, and video network design and management.

April 2016

Convergint Technologies Expands European Business By Acquiring Enion AG Integrated Security Solutions

April 19, 2016|

Convergint Technologies today announced the acquisition of Enion AG Integrated Security Solutions. Enion offers reliable, innovative, and cost-effective security solutions tailored to the complex needs of its clients. (more…)

Convergint Technologies Expands Canadian Presence By Acquiring H&E Comfort Controls

April 12, 2016|

H&E Comfort Controls has joined Convergint Nation. H&E provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to address the facility challenges of workplace security, comfort, and energy conservation. (more…)

Convergint Technologies And Orbis Operations Form Joint Venture Cybis To Provide Cyber Security Solutions

April 11, 2016|

Convergint Technologies, a global leader in service-based systems integration, and Orbis Operations, a customized intelligence and cyber security solutions provider, today announced the forming of Cybis, a joint venture between the two companies to provide cyber security solutions.


March 2016

2016 Convergint Nation Conference

March 1, 2016|

The 2016 Convergint Nation Conference was held at the La Cantera Resort in San Antonio from February 28 to March 1. (more…)

January 2016

Dakota Security Systems is Acquired by Convergint Technologies

January 21, 2016|

Convergint Technologies and Dakota Security Systems have joined forces. Founded in 1976, Dakota Security Systems is a premier security integration company based in Sioux Falls, SD and has offices in Arizona, New Jersey and throughout the upper Midwest. (more…)

July 2015

January 2015

Convergint Continues Global Expansion by Purchasing Beacon Security in the U.K.

January 1, 2015|

Beacon Security and Communications Solutions, a leading provider of physical security systems and services in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, has joined Convergint Nation.  Beacon is a value-added security solutions provider serving global Fortune 500 companies.  (more…)

December 2014

February 2013

City of Atlanta Selects Convergint Technologies and GC&E Systems Group For Security Cameras

February 27, 2013|

In response to vandalism and thefts, Atlanta will pay $350,000 per year for three years to install security cameras to help police officers monitor park facilities, including pools, recreation centers and other areas that host after-school programs.

A resolution authorizing the contract with GC&E Systems Group Inc. and Convergint Technologies LLC., a deal worth more than $1 million, was approved by the City Council on Monday. The contract will eventually allow for the installation of cameras in 27 recreation centers that currently lack them.

January 2013

Convergint Expands Globally by Buying ICD Security

January 1, 2013|

ICD Security Solutions has joined Convergint Nation. ICD possesses a highly skilled workforce of over two hundred professionals located in ten offices and operating in seven countries throughout the Pacific Rim. (more…)

December 2012

November 2012

October 2012

New England CTC Opened

October 1, 2012|

June 2012

April 2012

ACG Chicago – 2012 Emerging Growth Award Winner

April 15, 2012|

First Trip to Haiti

April 1, 2012|

In 2012, a team of 31 U.S. and Canadian Convergint colleagues partnered with Poured-Out, Inc., spending five days in Haiti building a school/church, installing 47 residential water filters and large industrial filters for three orphanages. This now provides 4,110 gallons of clean water per day, supporting the daily water requirements for over 800 Haitians.


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986 Colleagues, 26 CTCs

December 1, 2011|

September 2011

Eugene CTC Opened

September 1, 2011|

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51 Colleagues, 25 CTCs

December 1, 2010|

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Established Vision 360 to Double the Company by 2014

February 15, 2010|

  • Annual 'Convergint Nation' Meeting

    Each year, qualified Convergint colleagues from all over the United States and Canada travel to attend a Convergint Nation Meeting.

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“Feel the Rhythm of the Nation” – Fourth Annual Sales Conference – San Antonio

February 1, 2010|

December 2009

760 Colleagues, 22 CTCs

December 1, 2009|

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Lloydminster CTC Opened

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Nashville CTC Opened

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“It’s Our Time” – First National Sales Conference – Dallas

February 1, 2007|

December 2006

437 Colleagues, 15 CTCs

December 1, 2006|

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December 2005

330 Colleagues, 14 CTCs

December 1, 2005|

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Fourth Social Responsibility Day & Washington DC CTC Opened

June 1, 2005|

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Edmonton CTC Opened

May 1, 2005|

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195 Colleagues, 12 CTCs

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First Leaders Meeting

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Atlanta CTC Opened

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