Situational awareness

Enhancing safety and security with transformative solutions

Convergint provides robust, automated safety and security solutions that leverage data analytics for comprehensive and immediate situational awareness, rapid threat detection, proactive decision making, and more effective response to incidents.

By driving data-integrated, customizable deployments within existing infrastructure, Convergint’s Digital Transformation team builds intelligent Fusion Centers that create more proactive security postures, automate SOPs, and increase speed to response and resolution.

Featured situational awareness solutions

Location intelligence

Enable organizations to integrate core elements like indoor mapping, intelligent surveying, and dynamic workflow building.

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Security man watching monitors and communicating through microphone

Weapon & gunshot detection

Enhance safety and security with dedicated experts providing a tiered approach.

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Drone flying between buildings with location technology overlaid

Drone detection

Seamlessly integrate drone detection solutions for a wide range of verticals and industries.

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Man holding a thermal imaging camera

Thermal imaging

Improve safety with thermal imaging cameras to screen employees, visitors, and contractors before entry.

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Access control card being handed to a woman

Physical identity & access management

Manage access for employees, service providers, contractors, vendors, and visitors.

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Artificial intelligence image

Artificial intelligence

Integrate comprehensive AI solutions to enable business intelligence and data-driven decisions.

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Security technology for radar detection

Radar detection

Ensure robust, multi-layered UAS classification, and target identification in extreme conditions at all times with radar detection solutions.

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World with circulating mass communication technology

Mass notifications

Provide information to building occupants in emergency situations through a variety of different

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