Threats to the electrical utility industry are on the rise. From cybersecurity attacks to physical security threats, electrical utilities need to pursue innovative approaches to predicting, detecting, identifying, and responding to vulnerabilities.

This level of innovation should follow a streamlined process of various assessments, including risk, threat, vulnerability, and engineering, to determine the most appropriate response. When a new technology is identified as the best solution, the integration and installation process can begin by taking into consideration the Security Operations Center (SOC) policies, processes, and procedures.

Convergint partners with Milestone to protect utilities infrastructure with transformative drone and radar detection security solutions.

Integrating drone detection

The basis of a utility’s security posture is the SOC. An innovative SOC integrates all physical security and operational systems into a single pane of glass for greater situational awareness. It also leverages all data sources to identify patterns, trends, and precursors to incidents. The result is a proactive, predictive security posture that identifies threats before they occur.

One proactive security capability that utilities should employ is drone detection. While there are many beneficial uses of drones for inspections and monitoring, drone attacks pose a unique threat to utilities. The low cost, ease of operation, fast flight speed, anonymity, and ability to hold payloads makes drones formidable threats.

Integrating radar detection

Ground radar systems are a relatively new Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID) technology that allows for detection, classification, and tracking of multiple targets both outside and inside the perimeter. Unlike traditional PID systems, ground radar can detect targets at further distances and requires less sensors to provide coverage of a given area.

Ground radar can also provide continuous tracking information, whereas traditional PID systems can only note the location where the intruder entered the facility. With configurable zones and rules, ground radar allows for a layered security approach, automating responses to events and reducing the workload of the SOC operator.

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Convergint, partnered with Milestone, has the expertise needed to deploy a streamlined perimeter security system to keep companies in the utilities sector safe and operating smoothly. Contact a security expert today to learn more.