The energy industry faces numerous security challenges that require addressing to maximize operational efficiency and ensure compliance with industry regulations. The Convergint Utilities team and LenelS2 collaborate to offer more than just Physical Access Control Systems (PACS). By combining Convergint’s integration expertise with LenelS2’s industry-leading solutions, this partnership addresses the energy sector’s top security challenges, incorporating features that create operational efficiencies and comply with industry regulations.

About the solution

Energy companies express a critical need for PACS solutions that surpass traditional access control, seeking tools that transform these systems into comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools. Together, Convergint and LenelS2 deliver a customized OnGuard® enterprise-grade PACS solution that uniquely delivers on this need.

System solutions and benefits

Responding to critical security challenges, LenelS2 has innovated several native OnGuard features designed to maximize value:

Advanced Reporting

Offers 140 standard reports and utilizes Crystal Report for customized reporting, integrated with Logi Analytics for interactive filtering and enhanced reporting capabilities.

Area Access Manager

Enables managers to control cardholder access to specific physical areas through a desktop application.

Cardholder Self-Service

Simplifies access requests and approvals via a user-friendly web application.

OnGuard® Cloud Solution

Deploys via Amazon Web Services™ (AWS), reducing infrastructure costs and streamlining deployment.

Credentials & Mobility

Enhances security with mobile credential solutions, enabling keyless entry and reducing risks associated with shared devices.

Identity Access Management (IAM)

Manages the entire employee security lifecycle from enrollment to access revocation using OnGuard® ID CredentialCenter.


Ensures compliance with NIST SP 800-53 standards and is recognized for cybersecurity excellence by Cyber Defense Magazine.


Supports over 160 third-party solutions for interoperability, safeguarding prior investments and future security needs.


Configures muster readers and areas for emergency readiness and personnel accountability.


Enforces corporate security policies with a web-based analysis tool, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing risks.

System results

These features enhance organizational value by transforming LenelS2 solutions from simple security systems into comprehensive ERP tools. Companies leveraging these OnGuard features, facilitated by Convergint’s expert integration, experience improved operational efficiency, enhanced security, and better compliance with industry regulations.

The collaboration between Convergint and LenelS2 equips the energy industry with robust tools to address top security challenges, including those specific to utilities. By fully leveraging these capabilities, energy companies can transform their PACS into powerful ERP systems, driving significant operational efficiencies and achieving regulatory compliance. This partnership exemplifies how strategic collaboration can lead to innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the energy sector.

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About LenelS2

LenelS2 remains the global leader in advanced physical security solutions and is focused on addressing the most complex, evolving needs of the world’s most demanding organizations. So whether you’re operating a small- to medium-sized business or the largest global enterprise, LenelS2’s solutions are built to solve your unique challenges.

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