Physical security

Innovative solutions to ensure
high-level protection for people and assets

Convergint designs, installs, and services seamlessly integrated physical security solutions across multiple verticals and industries. Strategically aligned with top manufacturers and software developers, Convergint ensures the highest level of protection for your assets. Convergint meets your current needs and future growth plans by offering a wide range of professional services ensuring your investment is secure and will continue to operate as originally designed.

Featured physical security solutions


Locking hardware

Maintain secure areas for those who need access.

person holding key

Key management

Keep access in the hands of the correct people by closely monitoring keys.

electric gate

Barriers and gates

Protect grounds, buildings, and people with physical barriers.

brick wall

Perimeter fencing

Surround facilities with secure fencing to prevent unwanted guests.

Modular vaults

Leverage advanced technology to ensure regulatory compliance and business requirements are met.

car driving through gate

Gate operators

Utilize intelligent access control solutions to restrict, allow, and track users.

red exit gate

Exit devices

Monitor incoming and outgoing vehicles.

Revolving doors

Maintain visitors in a smooth flow in and out of buildings.

person walking through turnstile


Limit the number of visitors in and out of a facility.