The utilities industry faces a multitude of security threats daily, posing substantial risks to the reliable functioning of essential services. Cyberattacks targeting power plants, water treatment facilities, and other vital utilities have become increasingly sophisticated and frequent. Malicious actors exploit vulnerabilities to critical infrastructure, aiming to disrupt operations, cause widespread outages, and potentially compromise public safety. Companies must prioritize cybersecurity, employ real-time threat monitoring, and implement proactive incident response strategies. This ensures the protection of critical infrastructure and the uninterrupted delivery of essential services.

Convergint partners with Quanergy Solutions to utilize its Q-Track™: 3D LiDAR solution, a uniquely integrated solution that combines Quanergy’s long-range 3D LiDAR sensors with advanced perception software. This integration provides users with hyper-accurate 3D situational awareness, to track in real-time and with near-perfect accuracy intruders at critical infrastructures, reduce false alarms, and save lives.

Exploring the benefits of Q-Track

The Quanergy Q-Track solution provides several important benefits that significantly improve physical security and ensure safety. Some of these benefits include:

  • 3D real-time situational awareness: A comprehensive 360° view of users’ surroundings for proactive decision-making.

  • Privacy-assured operation: Rest assured, Q-Track does not capture any personally identifiable information (PII), ensuring privacy compliance and safeguarding sensitive data.

  • Wide coverage with high accuracy: Each Q-Track sensor provides an impressive coverage area of 165,000 square feet (15,000 square meters), ensuring high accuracy in object detection, tracking, and classification of people, vehicles, and sub-vehicles.

  • Low cost per square foot: Each sensor can classify objects at 210 feet/70 meters, therefore dramatically reducing the number of sensors, cables, networking ports, and installation runs to deliver industry-leading total cost of ownership.

  • Drastic reduction of false alarms: Reduce costly false alarms by greater than 95% and see beyond all the noise and focus on what matters most.

  • Reliable performance in harsh environments: Q-Track is designed to operate reliably in harsh environmental conditions, ensuring continuous surveillance without compromise.

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Please see the “IMPORTANT PRODUCT SAFETY AND SERVICE INFORMATION” documentation, available at  prior to using a Convergint-installed solution.