Building automation

Increase productivity and reduce cost of ownership

Convergint provides reliable, comprehensive building automation solutions that seamlessly integrate to deliver the most efficient and comfortable environments across the nation. Using a holistic approach, Convergint’s dedicated experts customize strategies for unique use-cases to offer flexible, scalable solutions.

With the goal of reducing energy consumption and improving operational performance, Convergint delivers a suite of tools and services including design, preventative maintenance, system operator training, and project management.

Featured building automation solutions

HVAC control systems

Integrate mechanical equipment with energy management to optimize energy usage.

Hazardous gas monitoring

Monitor levels in areas such as parking facilities, mechanical rooms, and storage areas.

Critical environment control

Control alarms and provide extensive documentation for critical environments.

Energy management systems

Ensure operations continue as the system was designed post-installation.

Indoor air quality

Maintain proper ventilation levels, reporting, filtration, and more in order to produce a healthy environment.

Lighting control

Provide proper lighting levels when needed, and turn off lights when they are not.

Energy and environmental design

Meet the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) requirements for any facility.

Open protocols

Provide a solution tailored to your needs while avoiding sole source dependency ensuring flexibility.