As facilities return to work while COVID-19 remains present, there is a real need to take effective prevention and control measures to reduce the risk of the virus spreading. Effective prevention and control are essential, but there are also a number of physical security solutions that can help reduce exposure.

Convergint has solutions to manage this risk and help reduce the spread and facilitate contract tracing, should an infection occur. Below are three touchless solutions that can easily be implemented at facilities to reduce transmission through contact with contaminated surfaces. These touchless solutions create a safer facility in a post-COVID-19 environment.

Key Features

  • Motion-sensing technology

  • “Wave” activation or “close contact” sensor

  • Customized range of activation distance

  • LED light to show activation

As well as for general use in schools, factories, or offices to reduce risk of contamination, this solution is also ideal for hospitals, clinics, labs and clean rooms where touchless, or “handsfree”, solutions are optimal to meet health and safety standards.

Key Features

  • Ensure that doors will not close on someone in the doorway with safe sensors

  • Available for double-leaf or single-leaf doors

  • Doors can be opened in either direction

  • Suitable for heavyweight doors

  • Suitable for installation on doors with various lock types, such as electric mortise locks, electric strike locks, and electromagnetic locks

These access control solutions are easy additions to existing physical security and help facilitate a safe work environment that can help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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