Convergint and Wavelynx, leaders in security solutions and open access control, collaborate to redefine the access control landscape. Wavelynx, a premier provider of open and interoperable access technology, introduces a comprehensive NFC Wallet solution for physical and logical access.


In response to industry challenges, Convergint and Wavelynx’s commitment extends beyond innovation to practicality, addressing installation costs, and maximizing the efficiency and scalability of solutions. By embracing an open platform, they empower users to break free from proprietary constraints and truly customize their solutions to fit their access and identification needs. The introduction of mobile Wallet credentials not only enhances convenience but, enables seamless, smartphone-based access to secured areas.


The collaborative synergy of Convergint and Wavelynx brings forth groundbreaking solutions designed to revolutionize access control and security:

  • Wavelynx EthosTM Readers: Feature an open and interoperable architecture, seamlessly integrating into existing systems. Engineered with the ability to read various credentials, it facilitates smooth transitions between technologies and supports advanced features like Prox filtering and compatibility with MIFARE DESFire® EV2 & EV3 and LEAF standards.

  • Wavelynx Wallet: A comprehensive NFC solution consisting of the leading global device manufacturers, provides secure and scalable access across facilities, prioritizing an unmatched user experience with built-in security. Notably, the Wallet continues to function even when the phone is inactive, ensuring uninterrupted access. For facilities looking to transition from physical to mobile credentials or operate both at the same time, the Wavelynx solution allows a smooth transition coupled with the ability to scale rapidly.


Convergint and Wavelynx empower end users with the freedom to choose while also maintaining a high level of security. Increased flexibility in migrating to different solutions and credential types is achieved, with the Wallet solution providing a consistent, scalable user experience. Implementation is made easy through their open and interoperable architecture, showcasing the success of their collaborative approach.

Contact an expert today to explore how the seamless collaboration between Convergint and Wavelynx is redefining access control, and empowering organizations with innovative solutions and choices to elevate security standards.

About Wavelynx

Wavelynx is a provider of interoperable and secure access control solutions that allow businesses to modernize their authentication technology at the pace and path that is right for their business. Our access reader and credential solutions free businesses from the constraints of proprietary access control systems through flexibility, choice and control.

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