Understanding the complexities of NERC-CIP-compliant environments is crucial in an era where critical infrastructure security faces new challenges. From wastewater treatment plants to solar stations, these facilities are vital to society, requiring a balance between large-scale operations and efficient functioning. The Convergint Utilities Team collaborates with Commend Americas, using constant innovation and a joint dedication to research and development to shape the future of security communications.


Convergint and Commend Americas tackle the multifaceted challenges of NERC-CIP compliant environments:

  • Unified security communication: NERC-CIP-compliant environments face issues with fragmented communication systems, impeding prompt responses to security incidents.

  • Operational efficiency: Achieving a delicate balance between security measures and operational efficiency is a challenge in the critical nature of NERC-CIP environments.

  • NERC-CIP standards compliance: Meeting stringent regulatory requirements poses significant challenges in terms of documentation, implementation, and continuous adherence.

  • Resiliency and redundancy: Ensuring critical infrastructure is resilient and redundant becomes crucial to withstand potential disruptions, be they from natural disasters or intentional cyber threats.

  • Future threat assessments: The evolving landscape of security threats demands facilities to proactively assess and be prepared for emerging risks.

  • Cybersecurity standards adherence: Adhering to internationally recognized cybersecurity standards such as IEC – 62443 and ISO 27001 is imperative for safeguarding critical infrastructure against cyber threats.


In addressing the intricate challenges of securing critical infrastructure, Convergint and Commend Americas present innovative solutions tailored to the demands of modern security:

  • Seamless migration to modern security: Large-scale migration facilitated through a unified communications platform, ensuring advanced, secure capabilities, and scalable efficiency.

  • Integrated capabilities for enhanced security: Utilizing expertise in integration and advanced solutions, the approach encompasses video, access control, and perimeter protection for a proactive security response.

  • Comprehensive NERC-CIP compliance: Ensuring adherence to NERC-CIP requirements and cybersecurity standards, supported by robust reporting tools for thorough validation during audits.

  • End-to-end monitoring and management: Holistic monitoring and management solutions offer centralized control and updates, with automation guaranteeing the latest updates and cyber-secure protection for remote OT devices.


Convergint and Commend Americas deliver a unified communication platform, emphasizing scalability and flexibility tailored to utility providers’ unique needs, resulting in:

  • Seamless integration with diverse platforms, enabling essential automation.

  • Improved operational efficiency in managing and updating systems through centralized control.

  • Prioritization of cybersecurity measures, ensuring cyber-secure protection for remote OT devices.

  • Empowerment of utilities to operate according to their preferences, avoiding unnecessary constraints.

  • Adaptability in the dynamic landscape of security communications.

Contact an expert today to explore how the seamless integration, compliance excellence, and comprehensive monitoring offered by Convergint and Commend Americas’ advanced solutions.

About Commend Americas

Commend Americas is passionate about innovating and perfecting communication and security technology. For 50 years Commend has been translating this passion into Intercom and Public Address solutions that customers can always trust to support and protect their business, reputation, assets, and even lives. The result are products that are built around the customer’s requirements to serve their specific business and safety needs – whether in road tunnels, on loud and dirty factory floors or in antiseptically clean healthcare and production facilities, corrections, and in places from car parks to office buildings and Smart Cities.

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