In the face of complex security challenges within critical infrastructure, the need for robust security systems has never been more crucial. The Convergint Utilities team and Milestone Systems collaborate to enhance the safety of essential services and tackle the dynamic security demands of contemporary urban living.

About the solution

Securing critical infrastructure involves a spectrum of challenges, from intrusion detection to access control and fraud prevention. Organizations navigating these complexities seek solutions that are not only immediate but also scalable, compliant, and offer sustained support.

System solutions & benefits

Convergint and Milestone offer scalable and flexible security solutions for critical infrastructure, featuring a collaborative approach and open-platform technology. Ensuring regulatory compliance, the partnership pioneers the secure processing of biometric and personal data.

  • Collaborative approach: Tailoring solutions to unique entity requirements, Convergint and Milestone collaborate to address diverse security needs.

  • Scalability: Ensuring effective scalability, the collaborative approach accommodates distinct security needs as they evolve.

  • Open-platform technology: Leveraging open-platform technology, Convergint and Milestone provide flexible and adaptable security solutions supporting a variety of monitoring devices.

  • Gradual upgrade: The open-platform approach enables a gradual upgrade of security systems, aligning with budget constraints and evolving security needs.

  • Regulatory compliance: The partnership prioritizes regulatory compliance, addressing challenges in the security landscape by adhering to standards like FIPS 140-2, penetration testing, and GDPR.

  • Pioneering solutions: Convergint and Milestone offer open, reliable solutions that excel in meeting stringent requirements for processing biometric and personal data in software.

General security solutions for utilities

In advising on general security solutions for utilities, Convergint recommends careful consideration of several key factors.

  • One crucial security measure suggested by Convergint involves segmenting networks within utilities. This strategy entails the separation of different network components, ensuring that if one part is compromised, the integrity of others remains intact.

  • Convergint emphasizes the importance of implementing strong passwords and encryption protocols to safeguard utility data. Furthermore, utilities are encouraged to formulate a comprehensive response plan for addressing potential cyberattacks.

  • In addition to these overarching security measures, Convergint highlights specific security solutions tailored for utilities. For instance, the deployment of firewalls is recommended to block unauthorized access to utility systems.

  • Recognizing the critical role utilities play in national infrastructure, Convergint underscores the necessity for robust security measures. The potential impact of a cyberattack on a utility is acknowledged as having far-reaching consequences on the economy and societal well-being.

System results

Convergint and Milestone’s partnership delivers seamless connectivity to XProtect® Corporate software, offering ongoing support, advanced features, and supporting thousands of devices with features like federated architecture and evidence lock. This commitment to excellence empowers organizations in critical infrastructure security.

Contact an expert today to discover how Convergint and Milestone’s transformative approach pioneers innovative solutions and empowers organizations to secure critical infrastructure effectively.

About Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems is a global provider of open-platform video management software (VMS) and network video recorders (NVRs). The company specializes in developing video management solutions that allow organizations to manage and integrate their video surveillance systems. Milestone’s open-platform approach means that their software is designed to be compatible with a wide range of third-party devices and systems, providing flexibility and scalability to their customers.

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