In healthcare, patient observation is critical. Despite its undeniable importance, this practice can sometimes be overlooked due to staffing shortages and other operational difficulties. Careful observation not only identifies nuances in patients’ conditions but also guides timely and informed medical interventions, underscoring the role of patient observation in enhancing both diagnosis precision and treatment efficacy.

Convergint partners with Milestone Systems and LenelS2 to provide Milestone XProtect Hospital Assist for healthcare facilities. Milestone XProtect Hospital Assist offers remote patient observation, thereby assisting nursing staff to enhance efficiency, respond swiftly to incidents, and boost overall patient care quality. With Milestone and LenelS2 providing the technology, and Convergint to design and install these systems, healthcare organizations will be equipped with the right tools to ensure the safety of patients.

Milestone XProtect Hospital Assist equips nursing staff with innovative, patient-centric tools, leveraging video technology to observe patients more effectively. Preserving patient dignity and privacy is integral to delivering top-tier care. Hospital Assist addresses this with several features offering patient observation functions:


  • Privacy blur
    Allows live video to be blurred when patient observation is unnecessary to ensure patient privacy.

  • Fall detection
    Automatic fall detection alarms powered by artificial intelligence.

  • Two-way communication
    The nursing staff can offer increased social interaction and promptly engage with patients requiring attention via live video and two-way audio.

  • Sticky notes
    In-video Sticky Notes for each camera view, displaying basic patient information including patient names, consultation schedules, or other details.

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