Donation to the National Park Service delivers innovative technology for America’s most valued treasures

Convergint, a global leader in service-based systems integration, today announced the activation of a $3.3+ million dollar state-of-the-art security system, donated to the National Park Service to boost safety and situational awareness for the National Mall and surrounding monuments and memorials.

Convergint, along with eleven industry partners, have donated and deployed the technology infrastructure necessary to improve safety at the National Mall and surrounding historical monuments, which experiences more than 35 million visits annually. Convergint has been working with the National Park Service and United States Park Police since early 2019 to provide this technology.

 “It is an honor to work with the National Park Service and donate innovative technology that will enhance situational awareness for one of our country’s busiest and most iconic sites,” said Tony Varco, vice president at Convergint. “We are grateful to support the mission of the National Park Service, which is to preserve our natural and cultural resources for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations. We are equally grateful to the technology partners that worked shoulder-to-shoulder with us; without them, the project would not have been successful.”

The donation from Convergint and its partners enhances and expands security coverage, upgrades technology from legacy systems, and allows the National Park Service to use real-time information and communication technologies to respond to issues quickly. Phase one of the project included the enhancement of a centralized monitoring center, intercom stations, public address capabilities, and upgrading from analog to IP-based cameras. Phase two will further extend situational awareness at various monuments by adding additional IP-based cameras back to their headquarters.

“The National Park Service and the United States Park Police greatly appreciate the comprehensive security system for the National Mall donated by Convergint,” said Major Mark Adamcik, Commander of the National Mall’s Icon Protection Unit for the United States Park Police.

About Convergint

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