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System Adaptation

Future Technology

Form a team to classify resources and develop a plan

Explore advanced solutions for novel challenges

Leverage existing systems for the new normal

Institute processes for protecting your people & your business

It is clear the COVID-19 global health crisis will forever change our global workforce, both in terms of the way we manage brick and mortar locations as well as human capital. One of the most complex normalizations of our lifetime will be labor forces returning to non-remote work once the peak of the pandemic has passed. Since the beginning of this crisis, organizations have shifted their philosophy on security to become more than a means to prevent criminal activity, but as an important tool to flatten the pandemic curve.

Download the Return to Work Strategy Whitepaper

The Roadmap for the Return to Work: A Comprehensive Strategy for COVID-19 is a 7-page whitepaper highlighting how to use security technology to manage the transition back to working in group spaces. The goal is to help organizations consider all aspects of repopulating workspaces while leveraging technology currently installed in many facilities.