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Quality physical security equipment is essential for every organization. Your physical security equipment must not only provide the highest level of protection for your assets, it must do so every day without fail. Convergint Technologies partners with the best vendors to ensure what you want secured stays secure.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit Boxes can be used to hold your valuable possessions.  These boxes come in stainless steel, polished renumbering, rearrangement, or even relocation of boxes sections down the road.  Choose either stamped numbers or a flexible numbering plate system.

Cash Lockers

Cash Lockers can provide the security and selection banks needed for storing cash or coins.  These lockers can be made in nearly any size, shape or finish.  These can be customized with a range of modular sections in solid steel, solid aluminum or heavy gauge stainless steel doors in any paint color to match the surroundings.

Safes and Chests

Safes and Chests are designed to meet the highest security standards and are a great fit for financial institutions.  Safes and chests can be purchased in a variety of sizes with the interior compartment layout as you choose.

Modular Vaults and Vault Doors

Modular Vaults and Vault Doors are designed to provide maximum security for cash, valuables and other confidential information.  These can include an emergency ventilator with heat sensors and door contacts.

Deal Drawers

Deal Drawers are easy to use with maximum protection.  They are constructed of rugged, maintenance free stainless steel and can be used for both drive-up and walk-up applications.

Remote Drive Up Systems

Reliable and innovative drive-up delivery tube systems allow for drive up banking, transporting items from remote locations quickly and safely.

Night Depositories

Night Depository Systems allows financial institutions a simple and economical way to drop envelope beyond regular business hours.  These are maintenance free stainless steel and are designed for both Drive-up and Walk-up applications.


Recognized as North America’s System Integrator of the Year, Convergint designs, installs and services the most reliable and comprehensive security solutions for organizations of all sizes. We offer only best-of-breed technologies from the industry’s leading manufacturers and seamlessly integrate them to ensure the safety of the people, property, and assets you protect.