Convergint Switzerland boasts a dedicated team of specialists focused on customising, implementing, and sustaining seamlessly integrated access control solutions across a variety of verticals and industries. Convergint’s expertise encompasses a spectrum of access control technologies, such as high-frequency contactless, mobile, cybersecurity, and locking hardware, each offering distinct security levels. Recognising the unique vulnerabilities associated with each technology is essential for the secure management of identity data and credentials. Convergint collaborates closely with leading equipment manufacturers and software developers to prioritise the protection of what matters most, ensuring that security requirements are consistently met with the utmost standards.

Electronic security

Convergint Switzerland delivers tailored integrated security solutions designed for a wide range of verticals and industries. Augmented by comprehensive security services, Convergint goes beyond by offering exceptional customer service and steadfast operational excellence. Harnessing a deep understanding of enterprise integration, Convergint deploys solutions that are both scalable and customisable, adeptly meeting the evolving needs of clients. The committed team of experts at Convergint ensures maximum performance and functionality, safeguarding various sites with unwavering dedication.

Physical identity & access management

Convergint Switzerland excels in crafting personalised Physical Identity & Access Management (PIAM) solutions, specialising in their design, installation, and maintenance. These tailored solutions enable organisations to effectively manage employees, service providers, contractors, vendors, and visitors uniformly across the enterprise. Utilising policy-based tools and advanced technology, these solutions create meaningful connections between organisational roles and responsibilities, guaranteeing structured access to business systems, logical assets, and building services.

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