Convergint culture

Convergint was built from scratch on the foundation of a strong, service-focused culture. The pillars of this culture are our global network of expert colleagues, our strong, ongoing commitment to Inclusion & Diversity, our focus on safety in all that we do, and our dedication to exceptional customer service. Our unique and empowered culture, guided by our Values and Beliefs, helps us stay accountable to our mission, and our number one objective: to be our customers’ best service provider.

Our Values and Beliefs

Convergint was built on a solid foundation of Values and Beliefs. Before we were legally formed, before we hired one colleague, leadership began writing down the principles that would eventually become our Values and Beliefs. Although our V’s & B’s have evolved over time as Convergint has grown, they continue to act as a compass for our business, and drive our positive, empowered culture that truly makes us different.

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Inclusion & Diversity

Under the leadership of VP of Inclusion & Diversity Yaruba Tate, Convergint strives to foster a supportive, accessible, and inclusive environment for all colleagues. Convergint’s Inclusion & Diversity Mission Statement is to become the most equitable and inclusive global service provider by leveraging diverse talent, and creating a culture where all colleagues can achieve their maximum potential.

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“We expect to be our customers’ best service provider, no matter what business we are in.”

Out of Convergint’s 10 Values and Beliefs, this one is the cornerstone of all we do, setting the expectation for our colleagues from the day they join our company. Using this as our guide, we ensure service is at the forefront of every business decision we make.

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A Culture of Safety

Convergint is committed to providing the tools, training, and programs so that all projects and service calls are completed without incidents or injuries. To support this safety-first culture and increase safety awareness between all colleagues, we have a dedicated Safety Coordinator in each office under the direction of our National Safety Officer.

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Colleague Centric

At Convergint, our greatest strength is our people. Convergint Nation is made up of a diverse network of global colleagues who believe wholeheartedly in our service-first mission and our guiding Values and Beliefs.

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Values and Beliefs

I am Convergint

I own my position on the team

We expect to be our customers’ best service provider

No matter what business we are in

I am accountable for my continuous development 

A better me is a better Convergint

We deliver results


I have integrity 

It’s what I do when no one’s watching

We believe in balanced lives

Family, business, community

I keep everyone informed 

Communicate, communicate, communicate

We embrace a safe, inclusive, and positive work environment 

Every colleague makes a difference

I make responsible decisions

Timely, educated, and cost-effective

We promote fun and laughter on a daily basis

Committed to fun since 2001