Companies of all sizes and in all industries are grappling with the issue of how to determine whether employees are fit to come into work given the concerns of the COVID-19 public health crisis. The question of how many employees can be in the facility at one time is another important consideration. Employers need to know the health status of all employees and what the impact of a reduced workforce will be on operations that day. Efforts to collect this information are manual, relying on managers to make phone calls to collect data and input that data into spreadsheets. This process isn’t automated and doesn’t integrate other data sources for a quick and complete picture. 

Convergint has developed a workforce tracking application to give companies accurate, real-time information on the health status and availability of their employees, so they can most effectively and efficiently plan operations and logistics efforts during a crisis. Convergint’s phone and web application enables employees to report their status prior to work each day so that managers and decision-makers have the latest information to manage production levels, coordinate the supply chain, spot trends faster, and prepare for recovery as quickly as possible.    

The workforce tracking application is software-as-a-service and requires no new hardware to install or configure. Employees simply download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and register to begin reporting their status. Management can then access employee data through the dashboard from any internet-enabled device.

The solution has two components: the employee health reporting app and the workforce management dashboard.

Employee Health Reporting App

After employees download and register with the app, they take a quick survey to determine their ability to work. If their answers indicate they are not sick and do not pose a risk of infection to others, then they receive a message on their phone that they may come to work. When they arrive to work they present a green QR code to screening personnel who visually verify that the employee is cleared to work.

If the employee’s survey answers indicate they pose a risk to others, or if they have not completed the survey in time for their shift, they will receive a message on their phone indicating that they are not permitted to work that day and a red QR code will display which will inform screening personnel they are not permitted on site.  

The application can also be integrated with the access control system to disable access for employees that fail the survey, or who have not completed the survey prior to their shift. When an employee fails the survey, they are instructed to engage in further screening protocols to determine their actual health. They continue to take the daily surveys until they are cleared for work again. This ensures that management has the latest information on all employees. 

Employees can also take the survey on a web page to ensure everyone has access.

Workforce Management Dashboard

All employee-submitted data is aggregated into the workforce management dashboard which is available to authorized users, anywhere on any web-enabled device. The workforce management dashboard presents detail on each employee’s status, down to specific production facilities for managers and decision-makers to incorporate into their planning efforts. 

The dashboard visualizes information regarding:

  • The number of employees that are cleared for work, by facility and shift, giving real-time data on headcounts

  • The number of eligible employees that have/have not completed a survey for a specific shift

  • The number of employees out sick and timelines of when employees will return to work

By knowing the exact status of all employees, companies can more accurately determine production and operational capacities and plan logistics and supply chain requirements.  Armed with this timely information, decision-makers can adapt to changing conditions and meet new market demands.  The company can use the app to communicate clearly and consistently with employees, and use the information to coordinate with supply chains and key stakeholders outside the organization.

Complete Integration Platform

The workforce tracking application is one component of the solution’s enterprise-wide fusion platform that enables the integration of all safety, security, and operational applications and data sources into a single interface.  This fusion platform creates a web-based command center for the aggregation of:

  • Video surveillance

  • Access Control

  • Building Management

  • Visitor Management

  • Incident Management

  • Task Scheduling

  • Patrols

  • Logistics

  • Fleet Management and Route Planning

Internal and external data sources are integrated into the fusion platform for complete situational awareness of security and operational efforts.

Employee surveys and resulting protocols are based on the client’s individual needs and requirements.
DISCLAIMER: The Convergint COVID-19 Workforce Tracking Application does not provide medical advice, connect employees directly to a health care provider, or establish a physician-patient relationship. Medical questions should be directed to a health care provider. The Application relies upon the information entered by employees into the Application, which is not independently evaluated or verified for accuracy by Convergint. Users of the Application are solely responsible for any liabilities arising from the use or misuse of the information in the Application, including but not limited to any liabilities arising under federal, state, and local privacy laws and employment laws. Under no circumstances will Convergint or its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, or sponsors be liable to any user, employee, or anyone else under any theory of liability or indemnity related to or arising out of a user’s use or interpretation of the information presented, contained, or disclosed within the Application. Users are responsible for maintaining and using all information in the Application in accordance with applicable law. The information in the Application is offered AS-IS and such information is used and relied upon entirely at the user’s own risk.

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