Command Centers (C2) are the nerve center of public safety. Reacting to alarms, dispatching first responders, making sense of unfolding events, and more, C2s bring together a community’s awareness of and responses to threats against people, property, and ideas. Command Centers are outstanding at certain critical capabilities, including the following:

  • Providing real-time situational awareness into areas under video surveillance
  • Enabling standardized operating procedures and consistent responses across the city

C2s are reactive by nature, responding to a call for service, a triggered alarm, or a detected incident. While efficient at handling those events, C2s have minimal capabilities that are proactive, predictive, or preventative to keep up with today’s evolving threat environments. Along with the inability to integrate with various systems, Command Centers are not equipped to:

  • Adapt to emerging threats
  • Contribute to the municipality’s overall strategy, growth efforts, or initiatives

Convergint, in collaboration with Intel, created a comprehensive eBook detailing the benefits and challenges of current Command Centers and how to leverage a fully-integrated and proactive Fusion Center.

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Leveraging a Proactive Fusion Center

The next stage in the evolution of the Command Center is the Fusion Center. A Fusion Center is a proactive, predictive, and preventative nerve center that facilitates decision-making through increased intelligence and better understanding. It is fully integrated, aware, and collaborative to help cities improve the quality of life for citizens and be more prepared for and more resilient after adverse events.

Powering the Fusion Center

The evolution from a Command Center to a Fusion Center does not require a complete or immediate overhaul of the Command Center. Cities can phase in components and capabilities as suits their needs and unique challenges. Together, Convergint and Intel are brining new capabilities to the edge with performance-optimized, cloud-ready, interoperable, and compatible solutions that excel in space- and power-constrained environments for any organization. To get started implementing a proactive Fusion Center with Convergint and Intel, take the free assessment below.

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