Command Centers can no longer function as reactive, one-way collectors of public safety-centric information. They must adapt to the changing threat landscape and learn to contribute to the municipality’s fiscal, personnel, operational, and environmental strategies.

The following self-assessment survey is based on the best practices that Convergint has developed working with cities and counties across the U.S. Completing this survey will help your agency determine if your command center is taking a holistic, proactive and collaborative approach to operations management, data collection and intelligence dissemination.

It should be noted that Fusion Centers may not be a fit for every city or county. Municipalities with increasing populations that need to deliver services more efficiently to a growing community are better suited to take advantage of the benefits of Fusion Centers than are those with declining populations. Mid-sized and larger cities tend to have more data and system silos, which are a greater strain on manual processes, than smaller cities. Municipalities that have more data collection sensors will realize more insights about their assets, resources, and services which can be used to improve the operations across the city.

Take the Smart City Fusion Center Assessment

To find out if your city or county would benefit from pursuing a Fusion Center initiative, download and complete the following assessment. 

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