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Industrial environments have many complex components when it comes to safety and security, so integrating data into a single, unified architecture that leverages real-time automation workflows helps simplify the process. Location intelligence enables organizations to ingest and integrate with core elements like computer vision, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), including indoor mapping and positioning, intelligent surveying, and dynamic workflow building.

Using transformative, technology-based solutions empowers companies to create unique and scalable solutions that meet precise needs, revolutionizing the way in which organizations visualize and execute digital transformation.

In the below video recording, CEO of NESA Solutions Neil Salem and Convergint IoT expert Navdeep Johar explore innovative solutions that capture and interpret location data and translate it into actionable intelligence.

Watch the video below to learn more about these emerging technologies and their applications.

Location Intelligence & Automation in an Industrial Environment

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Originally Recorded Live at InSight Innovation Summit

Convergint’s InSight Innovation Summit was a digital transformation tradeshow event held May 18-20, 2021. Throughout the 3-day event, Convergint hosted Strategy Sessions, partner-sponsored Innovation Demos, and Executive Keynotes all discussing the latest game-changing technology and transformative solutions.


Neil Salem is CEO of NESA Solutions, Inc., an innovative enterprise IoT solutions provider that captures and interprets location data and translates it into actionable intelligence, revolutionizing the way in which companies in all industries visualize and execute their operational workflows. Over the past decade, Neil has successfully led the conceptualization, development and operationalization of NESA’s award-winning location-enabled workflow management solution suite, which delivers quantum leaps in productivity, efficiency and security. Neil is a leader and entrepreneur with a long track record of success creating and building businesses that capitalize upon emerging market trends. Neil was born in Montreal, Canada, and now lives in Miami, Florida with his wife and two children.

Neil Salem

CEO, NESA Solutions

Navdeep Johar

Leader of IoT, Convergint

Navdeep is one of the IoT Pioneers and Company’s Representative for Digitization which includes cutting edge technologies like AI, Cloud/Edge and beyond. Navdeep constantly advocates technology differentiation, value proposition to customers and he is foreseen as technical voice and trusted advisor who has transformed many market adjacencies to profitable products and services. He brings to the table a track record of success from Cisco in Industrial IoT verticals – Transportation, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Airports, Smart cities, and Manufacturing. He is also a Central Pivot for company acquisitions and technical evaluation of Advanced Solutions. Navdeep holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunications from “Thapar University” -one of the prestigious Institute of Engineering in India & Project Management form UC Berkeley California.