Schools face a variety of security challenges, from managing staff and student access, to optimising the use of school facilities. A fundamental priority for schools is to establish an environment that is not only secure, but also one that instills a sense of safety.

Convergint Asia Pacific partners with Gallagher Security to effectively address these challenges without disrupting daily school operations. With an emphasis on student safety, asset protection, facility optimisation, and cybersecurity, Gallagher’s Command Centre offers a powerful approach to efficiently manage school buildings from one central system.

Safeguarding schools and enhancing operational efficiency

Rapid evacuation and lockdown

  • Identify, locate, and respond to critical events happening at school in real-time through mass broadcast notifications.

  • Secure school premises quickly and simply with the push of a button to notify students and staff when an incident occurs.

Secure access

  • Grant school visitors temporary access over a limited window of time using the visitor management system.

  • Search, book, and reschedule rooms and resources like halls and equipment via an integrated online booking platform.

Simplified administration

  • Manage access to classrooms, gyms, libraries, and lockers from a centralised system.

  • Use the mobile app just like a physical access card to distribute photo ID and encoded access prior to enrollment, so students are automatically granted access on arrival.

Business efficiency and cost savings

  • Lock or unlock rooms, and activate room services such as lighting and air conditioning based on school schedules.

  • Monitor and control HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), air quality, and other building management systems using the BACnet protocol.

Promote health and well-being

  • Concrete and measurable data available that visually demonstrate the presence and spread of vaping aerosols.

  • Smart sensors provide real-time data on air quality, helping administrators identify vaping locations.

Powerful reporting

  • Ease administration burden with simple, automated, and customisable reporting.

  • Real-time audit trails provide prompt and reliable reporting options for informed decision-making.

Reduce cybersecurity risk

  • Minimise external threats through end-to-end encryption and user authentications.

  • Identify potential system vulnerabilities with security health checks.

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With the above comprehensive solutions, schools can confidently navigate the complexities of today’s educational landscape, while creating a secure learning environment that fosters student growth and success.

Get in touch with our team of certified experts today to learn more about how Convergint APAC can protect and optimise operations for your school campus.

Please see the “IMPORTANT PRODUCT SAFETY AND SERVICE INFORMATION” documentation, available at  prior to using a Convergint-installed solution.