The convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and surveillance technology has reshaped the financial sector, ushering in an era of enhanced security, efficiency, and innovation. As financial institutions strive to bolster their defences against evolving threats, streamline operations, and enhance customer experiences, the powerful fusion of AI and surveillance presents a compelling solution. This transformative synergy not only strengthens security measures, but also unlocks a wealth of data-driven insights to shape strategic decisions.

Convergint Asia Pacific, in partnership with Hanwha Vision, offers tailored, effective, and innovative AI-powered surveillance solutions that address the challenges encountered by financial institutions.

Solving critical operational challenges for financial institutions

Financial institutions and retailers face various operational challenges, including robbery and theft, customer safety, strict cash handling procedures, customer data protection, vandalism, and the risk of security camera breaches. Vulnerabilities in any of these critical areas would not only lead to financial losses, but also jeopardise customer trust, damage the reputation of the organisation, and incur negative publicity. Hanwha Vision’s AI-powered surveillance solutions present a holistic approach to proactively tackle and resolve these challenges:

  • Real-time threat detection: AI algorithms analyse and classify personnel in real time to identify potential security threats, including unauthorised access, suspicious behaviour, and loitering.

  • Anomaly detection: AI learns normal activity patterns within the bank and flags unusual behaviour, such as accessing sensitive areas outside regular business hours.

  • Queue management: AI tracks and analyses customer flow, allowing for efficient staff allocation and reduced waiting times.

  • Resource allocation: In-depth analytics help optimise staffing levels during peak customer traffic hours, and AI-generated heatmaps allow for layout optimisation.

  • Centralised surveillance: Hanwha Vision’s video management software enables banks to monitor multiple branches from one centralised location.

  • Incident reconstruction: Centralised surveillance systems provide detailed footage for post-incident investigations and reporting.

  • Sensitive data protection: Robust cybersecurity safeguards ensure the privacy and protection of sensitive information captured.

By deploying Hanwha Vision’s AI-powered surveillance systems, financial institutions yield a multitude of benefits. These include early detection of potential risks, resource optimisation, and operational excellence that result in a secure, efficient, adaptable, and customer-centric financial ecosystem.

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Drawing on a well-established partnership in Asia Pacific, Convergint and Hanwha Vision have collaborated to successfully design and implement comprehensive surveillance solutions for numerous financial institutions in the region. Contact Convergint’s team of experts today for an in-depth consultation on how Convergint can add value to your organisation with the AI-powered surveillance solutions discussed in this article.

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