It’s All About the Right Balance: Pratibha James’s Journey at Convergint

Meet Pratibha James, an embodiment of success at Convergint, where her journey since 2008 has been incredibly impressive. Starting as a Project Manager, Pratibha has maneuvered through various roles, showcasing her adaptability, strategic acumen, and unwavering commitment to professional growth.

Ascending heights through versatility

Pratibha embarked on her Convergint journey as a Project Manager over 15 years ago, during the nascent stages of Convergint India when it was just starting out. Her ability to swiftly learn and adapt caught the attention of leadership, propelling her into the role of Purchasing Manager for India, working with the APAC procurement team.

In this pivotal role, Pratibha’s strategic thinking and meticulous approach streamlined procurement processes, earning her recognition within the organisation. Continuing her ascent, she now stands as the Sales Support Manager, a testament to her dedication and versatile skill set.

Pratibha discussing about Convergint’s V’s & B’s at Unite Bangalore’24

Balancing act: work, life, and harmony

For Pratibha, work is more than a profession; it’s a passion that fuels her daily endeavours. Convergint’s culture, like a supportive family, has played a pivotal role in her success. “Convergint provides me with the balance I seek in life,” she emphasizes. Beyond the confines of the workplace, Pratibha finds joy in balancing work with personal hobbies like tarot card reading, stamp collection, and weekend outings with family.

Pratibha believes in maintaining equilibrium between professional and personal life. Convergint’s commitment to colleague well-being and a family-friendly environment has been instrumental in Pratibha’s ability to excel both at work and at home.

Conversations that shape outcomes: Pratibha in deep discussion

Championing an open culture and growth mindset

Pratibha credits much of her success at Convergint to the unwavering support of her line manager. In an environment where expressing opinions is not only encouraged but also valued, she feels a sense of safety and confidence at work. Pratibha highlights the significance of an open culture, where every colleague, regardless of title, is encouraged to voice their opinions and actively contribute to shaping the company’s future.

Her success story reflects Convergint’s dedication to colleague development, offering hands-on opportunities, structured training programs, and an environment conducive to growth for everyone.

Pratibha at Convergint India’s industry event in 2023

A motto for success: proactive initiative

Pratibha lives by a motto that resonates in her professional journey: “Success is the ability to transform a situation into an opportunity that brings a positive change.” Her detailed, thorough, and proactive approach to ideas has been pivotal in her success.

Savoring the sweetness of life with loved ones—finding balance one sip at a time

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