In an increasingly interconnected world, where digital technology plays a pivotal role in every aspect of life, robust cybersecurity is essential, especially for security systems that protect physical spaces and data. In Ireland, as elsewhere, the convergence of technology and security presents both opportunities and challenges. Traditionally, security systems relied on physical measures but have evolved to integrate technology, opening them to cyber threats. These systems are now interconnected, remotely accessible, and managed through software and cloud services, making them vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Convergint, as a leading provider of innovative security solutions, can play a pivotal role in helping organizations effectively address these key cybersecurity components:

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Convergint is a global, service-based systems integrator focused on mission-critical security, fire, and life safety infrastructure. Convergint offers last-mile delivery for emerging technology, backed by a 20-year commitment to its core value of service. To learn more, contact Convergint’s team of experts today.