Financial institutions of every size require a unified physical security system that provides full control over video surveillance and access control, as well as a global view of sites and operations.

Financial institutions deploy anywhere from ten devices at a single branch to thousands across multiple locations. Security departments of every size need to be able to manage all devices across their enterprise and constantly monitor these systems. In addition, as financial institutions continue to grow in size and complexity, they must also ensure that they deploy and maintain a physical security foundation that will safeguard both their people and assets.

As beneficial technology continues to develop and emerge, institutions are seeing a rise in cyber threats, along with physical security risks. These growing vulnerabilities require that financial institutions have a security strategy that protects against both physical and cyber threats. Incorporating multiple and varied lines of defense including encryption, multi-layer authentication, and authorization is essential to mitigating these threats.

Finding a solution that helps identify threats, reduces fraud losses, closes cases quickly, and manages security at financial facilities is crucial. Convergint partners with Genetec to create comprehensive, personalized physical security strategies and protect financial institutions with a unified intrusion system.

Top 5 factors to keep in mind when choosing a new physical security system

The benefits of a unified system for financial institutions

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Convergint, partnered with Genetec, has the expertise needed to deploy a comprehensive, unified physical security system to keep financial institutions safe, secure, and operating smoothly. Contact Convergint’s team of security experts to learn more.