Video security is a critical part of a healthcare facility’s strategy to keep people safe and assets protected. It’s necessary to detect possible threats, prevent trespassing, and stop breaking-and-entering into secure areas and buildings. Security cameras stand as a sentry, as many sets of eyes watching inside and outside, recording all events. This includes monitoring people entering the building on foot, or the property in vehicles. Cameras are everywhere today and make investigating crimes and searching for someone or something easier than ever before.

Video security technology gets better every day and can help users interact and see events in real-time. However, it can take massive amounts of time and resources to investigate incidents because security personnel and administrators are often required to search through hours or days of security footage in order to find the event that they are looking for. 

Not anymore. One solution that Convergint can help deploy is Avigilon Appearance Search™ technology, a search engine for video security.  Avigilon Appearance Search technology and video analytics are revolutionizing video surveillance by allowing security personnel in healthcare facilities to be proactive with their investigations and find everything they need quickly.

What is Avigilon Appearance Search technology?

Avigilon Appearance Search is an advanced video analytics technology that sorts through hours of video with ease so that users can quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest, reducing hours of work to minutes to help them respond faster and easily compile evidence. It works across an entire site, or across multiple sites that are connected to the same Avigilon Control Center™ (ACC) client software. 

Imagine being able to find someone who left a bag somewhere in a building or finding a missing person without scrolling through hours of video. Perhaps a suspicious vehicle enters the premises and security wants to know who it is. Avigilon Appearance Search technology empowers security personnel to get those answers faster. 

Features of Avigilon Appearance Search tecnology

Time is critical when investigating emergencies or crimes in progress. The security personnel operating the system can search video footage by using physical descriptions such as gender, clothing color, vehicle type, and vehicle color to quickly find a person or vehicle in question.

Avigilon also includes face analytics in the search feature so that the system retains the facial characteristics of people it scans. These face analytic capabilities allow the system to search for and recognize an individual, even when items such as their clothing changes.

Avigilon Appearance Search technology is available in ACC™ software, which seamlessly integrates with the Avigilon Access Control Manager™ system, combining video security and access control capabilities for a powerful security solution that helps security personnel proactively monitor and secure their sites. The Identity Search feature allows users to quickly search for a person of interest using their access credentials, and then conduct an Appearance Search for that person within the same dashboard to find their current or previous location on site. To meet compliance standards with new privacy and data protection measures, users can also export these search results using ACC software while blurring the images of other people that are present in the video with the person of interest.

By helping deploy Avigilon technologies, Convergint can take a reactive security solution—traditional video search—and turn it into a proactive search engine that can help users find specific people or objects rapidly. This video analytic technology allows security operators and administrators to skip the tedious process of searching video after video. Avigilon Appearance Search technology reduces the response time to incidents while providing critical information for investigative purposes and significantly decreasing precious time and resources.

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