Active Shooter Detection for Airports Can Save Lives

Airport active shooter events are on the rise, and the challenges facing airport security and operations personnel have become increasingly more complex.

In response to this growing threat, Convergint Technologies offers the most advanced and proven shooter detection solution available. In partnership with Shooter Detection Systems, Convergint designs, installs, and services Guardian sensors, which accurately detect gunshots and provide precise location information to first responders and security professionals within one second of the first shot. During testing, the Guardian was the only system to detect 100% of all shots fired with no false alerts.

Convergint is a global, service-based systems integrator with extensive aviation capabilities, servicing more than 30 airports and multiple airlines throughout North America and Europe. Recently a major international airport in the United States selected Convergint to install the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System as a part of overall upgrades to strengthen security against an active shooter threat.

Download Airport Active Shooter System Brochure

Key Features of the Guardian Indoor
Active Shooter Detection System

  • Immediate notification in under one second

  • Zero false alerts

  • Simple integration into camera and security networks

  • Coverage area of 2,500 square feet

  • Sensors spaced 80 feet apart

Dual-Factor Authentication
Prevents False Alerts

  • Acoustic sensors listen for weapon muzzle blast

  • Infrared sensors look for muzzle flash signatures

  • The Guardian sensor validates an acoustic bang with an infrared flash

  • Specified to a variety of weapon calibers

  • Higher caliber weapons increase coverage area


January 25, 2017|