Corporate settings have many security notification challenges because of their dynamic environments. Some of the challenges they face include:

  • Multiple locations in different cities, states, and countries

  • Employees working in several locations

  • Cellphones are prohibited

  • The need to activate many systems

  • Large number of employees

  • The inability to notify all business locations

  • Few to no endpoints for visual alerting

Alertus and Convergint partner to bring corporate organizations a mass notification system that can integrate with existing technology to create a comprehensive and intuitive alert system. Alertus designed this notification system for maximum versatility in the configuration of preset messages, recipient groups, restrictions, user controls, and other areas of customization. Convergint and Alertus can build a notification system to meet the specific needs of any business. There are a variety of features available that integrate with current systems enhancing overall business security.

Smart Buildings 

Intelligent buildings connect IT and the facility’s infrastructure to monitor and streamline all the functions of each building and location, from maintenance to security systems. Using existing IoT infrastructure, smart buildings integrate with the mass notification system, providing company managers and employees with support for streamlined business continuity, and situational awareness. The Alertus Mass Notification System leverages the functionality of the business’s current technology and building systems to disseminate vital information to the people on site.

Activation Buttons

Activation Buttons are another excellent feature that utilize existing communication paths and infrastructure to provide simple emergency notification activation in one step. When someone presses the button, it activates notification alerts through all products integrated with the business’s systems such as Alertus Desktop Notification, LED marquee , Alert Beacon ®, and VoIP phone alerting.

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IP and VoIP Phone Notification 

VoIP phone notification takes regular office phones and transforms them into a consolidated emergency communication system. This cutting-edge technology lets users simultaneously activate visual and audio notifications on select VoIP phones or all of them. The VoIP phone notification works with other Alertus net-centric alerting endpoints and Alertus Desktop to guarantee all business notifications remain consistent.

The VoIP phone notification sends out audio and text notifications in real-time such as live intercom or audio notifications for pagers and emergency alerts. Anyone can send out an alert easily by picking up a phone and dialing the directory number for the notification group.

Alertus Desktop Notification 

For a mass alert system to be effective, it needs to reach users through a variety of channels. The Alertus Desktop Notification quickly alerts computer users with a partial or full screen pop up alert. When someone activates a warning, the alert will appear on select computers or all of them. This notification solution also allows businesses to send out non-emergency alerts that are effective but unobtrusive.

Alertus Mobile Apps 

The Alertus Mobile App Suite provides superior mobile notification between alert dispatchers and users on the system. The Alertus Activator app lets authorized dispatchers immediately alert personnel using iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. The Alertus Recipient app allows users to receive push notifications and send geo-tagged reports to emergency management employees using the activation buttons feature.

Large organizations require an efficient way to notify personnel in both non-emergency and emergency situations. Corporations can rapidly notify employees in multiple buildings across multiple floors, reducing the response time to incidents and possibly saving lives during emergency events. The Alertus Mass Notification System is a comprehensive solution that meets those needs. 

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